DOYINSOLA OLANIYAN – Nigeria’s Female Health & Lifestyle Blogger


Medical Doctor, Health & Lifestyle Blogger, Writer. Wife and Mother. Woman of Vision and Excellence. She is Creative, intelligent, resourceful and Fun to be With. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

NWD:Hii, can we meet you ?

ANS: I am Doyinsola Olaniyan. Wife, mother, daughter and medical doctor.

NWD: Of all professions, why did you choose the career path of being a doctor?
ANS: honestly, my reason for wanting to pursue a career in medicine at the very beginning was not a great one; I wanted to prove a point to my dad. But as I got older and wiser I actually realized that I was passionate about it. So for me I can confidently say now that medicine is my calling.

NWD:What are the challenges that comes with your career
ANS: Medicine is a very jealous lover. It is a demanding career; you need to commit to continuous learning daily, you have to be willing to give the best of yourself to another even at times when you are tired.

NWD:As a married woman with Kids, how are you able to combine your career with the responsibility that comes with being a mother and a wife
ANS: Before the babies, it was just my husband to deal with, so we structured a lot of things around my schedule, we were intentional about spending time together even when I am away at the hospital on call. He was willing to help with the house chores and when I am off work I get as much done as I can. With the babies however it wasn’t as easy something had to give for a while; so I took a break from full time clinical practice (but not from medicine I was still running my health page on IG, the website as well as writing articles for the Saturday sun newspaper) and I have only recently started working my way back into clinical practice.

NWD:You take more time sharing posts and articles on women’s health, what inspires you to do this?
ANS: like every other aspect of my life I have a clearly written down vision for my medical practice and one of it is to empower all individuals especially women and children to lead and live healthy and fulfilling lives. That is what drives me.

NWD:What are the most common health challenges with Nigerian women and how do you seek to profer a solution to this ?
ANS: In my few years of practice I would say it has to be challenges that border around their sexual and reproductive health. So that would include things like vaginal discharge, fibroids, infertility, menstrual irregularities even menstrual pain, breast lumps and now cancer. I believe that education is key; be interested in your health and be timely in seeking healthcare from the appropriate persons.

NWD: Most Nigerian women consider been on the big side as a disease, some even lost their self esteem in the process, what is your take on this ?
ANS: Obesity has been stated as a risk factor for many disease conditions, and as doctor I counsel obese people to lose weight. However, the self esteem issue I think is largely because of the lack of societal acceptability for Obese people, they are looked at funny, they can’t wear certain kinds of clothing without looking out of place, people acknowledge their weight before even acknowledging them as an individual. These things then culminate in self esteem issues for the individual.

QUES: Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?
ANS: Consultant family physician, redefining healthcare practice in Nigeria and inspiring a generation of healthy and fulfilled individuals.

NWD: What do you like to do for fun…

ANS: writing and cooking


NWD: On a friendly note, which Nigerian celebrity would you love to have a lunch date with.

ANS: honestly I don’t have anyone… Boring me ????

NWD: The Cinema’s or The film Theatre

ANS: Cinema

NWD: What is your most exciting moment.
ANS: I am generally a “happy bunny” type of person; so I have had several. If you insist that I must choose I would say my wedding day.

NWD: Pepsi or coke

ANS: Coke


NWD: If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world… What 3 places would come to mind first.

ANS: Zanzibar, Venice and Maldives.


NWD: What is the one thing you would not travel without?

ANS: my journal


NWD: What colour would you rock anytime anyday?

ANS: yellow


NWD: We also found out that you run a blog , what is the blog about ?

ANS: looool….. You mean 3 blogs ?? the first is a personal blog where I share my thoughts, musings and experiences. The second is a Christian lifestyle blog @unashamedlifestyle where I write as well as curate daily Devotionals, bible studies and other faith inspiring articles and resources to help every young person on his / her faith journey . The last but not the least is @yourfamilydoc which is a medical blog that focuses on health education.


NWD: Apart from being a health practitioner, what else are you into ?

ANS: Writing , Counseling, cooking and graphic designing(this is still in its budding phase)


NWD: If you have the opportunity to do something remarkable for every Nigerian woman, what would that be?

ANS: Propel her in the direction purpose and God centered living.


NWD: Final words to all Nigerian women out there on the importance of being health conscious.
ANS: we have heard it said severally that health is wealth, one never fully grasps the weight of that phrase until illness comes. The Same way you map out career goals, relationship goals is the same way you all should have health goals and be very intentional about staying healthy.


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