You a hypocritical gold-digging bleached social media celeb- Lady reacts to Toke Makinwa’s New Book


Lady reacts to #TokeMakinwa’s new book “OnBecoming”


moafriquee In -life u bare the consequences of your actions and inadequaces but here is madam Toke Makinwa the perfectionists, the vlogger, the omini- knowest running from been responsible for her actions nd mistakes. If in that book u dnt write how much u failed in your WIFEY roles to Maje + ur excesses other than just demonizimg him and the mistress, then my dear you are a liar, hateful nd hypocritical gold-digging bleached ass social media celeb who is no-difference from bobrisky. Fact remains that he chose the STI stricken pussy over ur bleached one…..It is human to fail. Fall ,make mistakes we all are imperfect but how we manage those determine how strong we can become. Pick your pieces, retrace ur steps, find yourself and stay true- .
Shout out to all Toke Makinwa’s loyalists ….feel free to come for me but with strong strong points as I dont engage in unintellectual
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