How do we even start to talk about her?. Words alone would definitely underestimate the totality of her awesomeness. She is a woman of high moral values , character and virtues. It would be difficult to put a measure to her high level of brilliance, professionalism, intelligence, creativity and excellence. Her disposition and attitude to life is that of humility , being a servant leader and putting others first. Can we then talk about Stephanie without mentioning the fact that she is exceptionally beautiful.


Okereke’s distinction among many Nollywood actresses is not just because she is an actress , but she also at different times has taken up the role of a director , scriptwriter and Producer all in one movie. She rose to become an inspiration to many young Nigerian woman wishing to be successful.

Stephanie Okereke was born in Ngor Okpala, Imo State. She is the sixth child of Mary and Chima Okereke’s eight children. She completed her primary and secondary education in Delta State. She futhered her studies at the University of Calabar, in Cross River State, where she graduated with a degree in English and Literary Studies.


Stephanie’s journey into acting began in her teenage years around 1997 when she featured in two Nollywood movies, Compromise 2 and Waterloo. In 2003, Okereke won two awards, out of the eight nominations she received, at the 2003 Reel Awards for ‘Best Actress – English’ and ‘Best Actress of the year 2003’. After graduating from the New York Film Academy in 2007, Okereke released the movie Through the Glass in which she served as director, scriptwriter, producer and actress. This blew the mind of everyone as she was able to combine this four roles effectively and efficiently. The film received an Africa Movie Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay in 2009.


In 2014, she released another movie titled “Dry” which highlights Vesico Vagina Festula (VVF) and underage marriages in. Nigeria & Africa as a whole, where she again served as a director, scriptwriter, producer, and actress which won many awards including 12th Africa Movie Academy Awards and 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards best movie overall movie with the prize of a brand new car. She has starred as an actress in over 90 movies.

Stephanie’s can be said to be one of Nollywood’s finest. Even as an actress, she can also be referred to as a queen diva. She reached 2nd place during the 2002 Most beautiful girl in Nigeria beauty pageant contest. Her fashion lifestyle is up to game as she has been seen at different events looking very stunning , elegant and gorgeous.

Stephanie’s list of Awards can not be over-emphasized as she has bagged quite a number of awards in her career space. In 2003, Stephanie Okereke received two awards at the 2003 Reel Awards for the best English actress and the overall best actress of the year in 2003. Her movie ‘Through the Glass’ was nominated for the Best Screenplay award at the 2009 African Movie Academy Award. Other awards she has won include:


What a Year Award, for Best Actress (2003)

Afro-Dublin Award, for Outstanding Actress (2004)

Film Makers of Nigeria, Award for Excellence (2004)

African Movie Academy Award, nominated for the Best Actress in a leading role (2004)

Afro Hollywood Award, for Best Actress (2006)

African Movie Academy Award, nominated for Best Actress in a leading role (2009)

African Movie Academy Award, nominated for Best Actress in a leading role (2010).

Bentonville Film Festival for Best Protagonist in 2015 . She also the Won

ZAFAA Global Awards for Best Actress,

Best Film, Best Producer, and Best Director.

In 2016, she won the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for Best Overall Movie (Africa). She won the Pan African Film Festival awards for Programmers’Award Narrative Feature. She also won the DALA awards Face of Nollywood (Female) in 2016.


Stephanie Okereke is a woman who has distinctively set herself apart to cause a change in the movie industry with her show of character, resourcefulness, efficiency, professionalism and creativity. She believes in values such as hardwork, diligence, consistency , integrity, and excellence.

The Nigerian Woman Diary Celebrates Stephanie Okereke for her excellence, hardwork , diligence and her immense contribution not just to the Nigerian Movie Industry but also to the African entertaiment space in general.

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