How To Keep Your Smile During Recession

By Jumoke Lawal

In this period of “change” where our country has hit a serious economic recession, where dollar keeps increasing steady and fuel is N145 per liter and there is hardly ever light. It is hard to be excited about fashion. Who should care about fashion at a time like this? Well I do.

This is because fashion; the clothes we put in everyday serve as our first like of defense against this uncertain world. Fashion becomes our armour, our confidence and comfort.
I think getting dressed makes you feel good. There has been alot negativity in this recession. Getting up in the morning and getting dressed is a little bit of self care so you can go out and face the world and if you ask me I think we all need that right now. Clothes feel good next to your body so you feel good about yourself.
At a time like this when Nigerians are frustrated and angry there are many simple corrections we can make in our lives to become peace makers and peace keepers. The first thing you can correct is your energy and your mood and if putting on a pretty dress is going to help you correct your energy and your mood then put that dress on and shine!! Put on some make up, wear a smile and let that positive energy radiate from with you and touch the people around you.


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