Can A Woman Cheat-Proof Her Relationship?

Ladies, I’m sure we can all remember disagreeing with a man at one point or another during our relationship, and he sarcastically reminds us that “What one woman won’t do the next one will.” While its meaning holds true, there’s also a flip side to this. What happens when the woman does everything right, and her partner still steps out on her. Is she really to blame?

While some women tend to think that they can cheat-proof their relationship by being the perfect lady, (i.e. less drama, being financially secure, educated, etc.) it honestly doesn’t mean anything to a man. You can have a doctorate, and he’ll be sleeping with the unemployed chick downstairs because she has a phat ass, or winks at him when he’s feeling insecure. A man will not only do what he’s allowed in a relationship, but he will continue to do what he’s accustomed to as long as he can get away with it. His cheating has nothing to do with you because it’s for personal fulfillment and enjoyment.

Let’s be honest; no woman wants to lose her man to a sidepiece or a mistress. It’s easier to turn the other cheek, sometimes thinking that it will eventually fade away, but sometimes it never does. Some men are looking to rekindle their youth in fear of actually having to grow up; leaving the side chick becomes a permanent fixture in the relationship. You can’t compete with the enemy when you’re sleeping with him, so don’t think that you are immune to him cheating because you give him a little bit of freedom.

The only thing that needs to be proofed is the child safety locks on the car doors, not relationships. There’s no reason why a woman should ever have to jump leaps and bounds in her relationship to force her man to do the right thing. We all know that cheating isn’t right, it hurts; it leaves you with issues such as lack of trust, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. Of course, some relationship can survive infidelity, but sometimes it’s not even worth it. You can give a man an inch, and he will take a mile just because he can.

Not asking questions, being a nuisance, and giving him his personal space won’t stop him from exploring either. It gives him more time to plan and execute his next move if he’s a serial cheater. See, the issue is that we as women tend to put men in positions that they’re not mentally prepared for or they lack the maturity to resist temptation.

Everyone’s not used to being in a monogamous relationship, and handling the responsibility that comes along with it can be a bit much for the wrong guy. While he’ll enjoy the benefits of having a good woman for his own needs he’s still greedy and wants to share the wealth. Good men still exist ladies and they’re out there. They believe in monogamy and staying true to the woman that they commit to, so DON’T SETTLE and make provisions for a man to get over on you!

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