Africa CEO Round-table Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility #ARCSR2016


Africa CEO Round-table Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility 2016, to chart a course for building inclusive and sustainable businesses.

Africa foremost flagship event, CEO Round- table Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (AR-CSR) will once again chart a course for Africa economic agenda come November, 11 at Best Western Island Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The constant down trodden slope of the global economic climate; increasing competition, diminishing natural resources, technological revolutions, growing scandals, and the continued fluctuation of oil prices have exposed businesses around the world to the uncertainty of survival.

A sustainable business is one which incorporates social, economic, and environmental ideals into its operations. Such a business adds to the overall development of a nation while increasing its bottom line and reducing threat to its survival.

In the same vein, an inclusive business is typically defined as commercially viable core-business models of private sector companies, that provide in scale, systemic and innovative solutions to the relevant problems of the poor and low income people such as creating decent jobs and income, and providing essential services and goods.

The 2016 edition shall explore the theme: ‘Building Inclusive and Sustainable Businesses’.

Inclusive business has the potential to be a driving force for inclusion and sustainability and to contribute to the effective implementation of the SDGs. To harness this potential, all stakeholders – including governments, the private sector, and other actors – have a role to play. The fundamental sense behind the concept of inclusive business is considering all stakeholders, including the poor, in a business approach, process and activities, in order to create value for all.

This enhances reputation, increases growth potentials, and at the same time promotes sustainable development; Inclusion is the essential social pillar of any sustainable organization.

In working towards attaining a world with no poverty, hunger and disease, greater survival prospects for mothers and infants, better educated children, equal opportunities for women, and a healthier environment, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals emphasize the inclusion of businesses as a requisite to a sustainable world. Sustainable development cannot be attained anywhere without sustainable businesses. Yet, businesses can only be sustainable when they are inclusive, and global sustainable development can only be attained when businesses are inclusive and sustainable.

The 2016 AR-CSR™ will therefore discuss the need for global leadership to drive inclusive growth and businesses; the existing and successful startup and ecosystem models for inclusive businesses; multiplying and scaling impact through investments as well as fostering SME growth through inclusive business.

ARCSR™ provides a platform which brings business leaders, Governments, experts and practitioners together to engage on issues of sustainability, social responsibility & sustainable development in Africa.

As a foremost industry flagship event, it continues to attract the crème of Africa’s leading figures and decision makers in order to commence and sustain best practices on sustainable development in Africa.

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