NWD Security Alert!

Be careful of a sienna Bus that parks in front of you, and ask you to enter,if you refuse to enter, they will accuse you of being *a run away murderer, a wanted 419ner or a Fraudster on security watch list*, their voice will be so loud that passers by will have to unknowingly join them to tell u to enter the bus and follow them to the station.
its a scam, they are kidnappers, that’s the new skill they are using, they do not wear police uniform, they are always in normal dresses, but all they do is to park the sienna bus in front of any person anywhere and accuse such a person of murder,and drag such a person into the bus stating that he/she is wanted at the station. They have used this conversation well and many have being trapped in it.

*What to do in such a situation*
When you hear such
Scream aloud dont run away
Tell the watchers to look around and call police patrol in normal vehicle or that all of you should walk to the nearest police station.
At worst scream for more people to come to your aid before u can ask for their police identity
They are kidnappers
many have been kidnapped

Pls pass this message to your loved ones
May the Lord expose these kidnappers and ritual killers.

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