NWD Relationships; Three Things You Should Not Do During Sex

The title is pretty straight forward. From time-to-time I will read a few articles and listen in on people’s conversations in the grocery store. Some strike me as interesting, others are quite humorous. After hearing a story or two and reading others, I composed a list of three things that you shouldn’t do during sex.

1. No fingering if you have unkept nails. There is nothing wonderful about getting your vaginal walls scored by a jagged fingernail. A young lady said she had bleeding after her friend’s boyfriend decided she needed to be opened a little more. Apparently a manicure wasn’t on his agenda and girl code was definitely not on hers.

2. Stop asking questions. You should have asked all that you needed to know before you agreed to jump in bed together. It doesn’t matter if he loves you, his last name or any of the sorts because at this very moment he is getting the booty; and it’s a little too late.

3. Do not use teeth during oral sex. Fellatio commonly referred to as “getting head” or “sucking peen” is a teeth-less act. According to a young man, he felt like penis was being grated. Eeeeeek. Let’s add cunnilingus to that as well. When she says she wants you “eat” her, it is not a literal reference.

Of course these things should be known already, but you would be surprise the type of dialogue that occurs on and offline between adults.

What are some of your sex no-no’s?

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