NWD Relationships; 10 fun Fall date ideas for couples

Thursday marked the first day of Fall and not only does that mean that we’re in for some beautiful weather, it’s also that time of year where you should be more adventurous with your partner.
As the days become shorter and the nights become longer, we forget that we still have to invest in our relationship. So dig into your bucket list of dating ideas and plan to make memorable moments with your spouse this season. We’ve compiled a list of ten fun date ideas that can help you achieve the perfect Fall date
1. Haunted House- If you’re looking for a reason to jump all over your spouse, here’s a good one. Haunted houses will definitely give you an excuse to get super close and cozy.

2. Tailgating – Football is not only tradition to some folks, but it usually marks that time of year where you can support your local high school, professional football teams, and little league teams. It’s a great way to show team spirit and excuse to dress down on the weekend ladies and gentlemen.

3. Holiday Parties- One way to tell if your spouse is serious about you is if he/she invites you to holiday parties hosted by family or friends. It gives you an inside glimpse into his/her personal relationships with other people, and it allows you to see how well they interact with one another.

4. Coffee Dates- Whether it’s at your local Starbucks or some fancy coffee shop, an old fashioned cup of Joe or chai tea will get your day off to a great start and can even be used as an icebreaker to get the communication going.

5. Fall Festivals or County Fairs- There’s nothing better than a super corny festival that allows you to bring out your inner child, and to show that you’re not too serious. It’s also a great way to incorporate your kids into your relationship if you have any.

6. Rock Climbing- If you’re adventurous and looking for something fun to do, rock-climbing will definitely make you sweat. Try locating your nearest indoor rock climbing facility for some indoor fun and a great workout.

7. Outdoor Picnic- As the weather began to change, a Saturday picnic in your local park can be as magical as you’ve ever imagined. Try packing a light lunch, your favorite champagne or wine, matched with fruit and a good book, and your evening is set.

8. Weekend Getaways- A weekend getaway from work, family, and friends can be just what you need if you’re a workaholic and need some privacy. Doesn’t have to be too pricey! Somewhere that’s local but away from your home is key. Try Airbnb, a local hotel, or Home Away from home for the perfect getaway.

9. Drive through Movie Theater- If you’re a hopeless romantic that likes privacy, a drive-in a movie might be right up your alley. Grab a blanket, good food, and get ready to relax under the stars while watching a nice movie.

10. Exercise Together- A couple that lifts together, stays fit together. There’s no better way to support your partner’s health goals than by joining them in the gym for a little one on one motivation. We’re definitely here for couples long-term fitness goals.
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