More trouble for dethroned Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke as the third Batch of her sex video is about to be leaked

A source who pledged anonymity said that the current trending video online is mild and alleged that Chidinma also engaged in more acts which lasted over one hour

According to the source, Chidinma Okeke know the person releasing her sextape. And the whole episode is as a result of a deal gone wrong, a deal made between the beauty queen and one chief she was having sexual relationship with, whose name is being fiercely guarded

In the words of the source: “First, this is an investment gone wrong. Chief (name not disclosed) sponsored Chidinma Okeke to win the pageant. Chief spent up to N 2million to ensure she emerged as the winner against other beautiful contestants. Chief also budgeted for her wardrobe and makeover pre and post beauty contest. The money was released in trenches to Miss Anambra. Chief also took her to various countries including Germany where she met other models based on the contract terms which Miss Chidinma signed with Chief. “Part of the agreement stipulates that Chief would make her a big model and whatever proceeds that come during her reign would be shared as specified in the contract terms. Chidinma consented and signed the deal. the sex tape was made to hold her pay incase she want to break it… and she indeed broke the deal…

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