People talk about many health issues, but most women get shy when they talk about their vaginas.

This part of the body is really private, but it is valuable. You should know how you may hurt or damage it and hence, prevent such incidents.
If you know how to take care of your vagina or protect it, you will be alert against any possible problems.


Below are 5 injuries you can sustain on your [email protected]

1. Cutting it
Pubic hair is the big issue now. It is considered to be ugly and inacceptable. So, many women are forced to remove it. Shaving it off is when you can cut your [email protected] Cuts can lead to infection and difficulty in treating it.

2. Bruising it
When girls are riding bikes, they risk falling down and hitting vaginas on the steel. It hurts! And it may bruise the private part or leave blue marks and swelling there.
3. Tearing it
Tearing up the labia is painful. This injury is pretty common, too. It may occur when a woman gets beaten up; or from using a s3x toy. Rough s3x could also cause such a problem. You may have bleeding and pain during s3x caused by it.
4. Burning it
How could this be possible? Well, again the pubic hair! If you are using wax for removing it, such injury is possible. If the wax is too hot, it can burn your [email protected]
5. Fracturing it
There are the pelvic bones and they can be fractured, as all other bones in your body. The good news is such problems are rare. This is a very painful trauma. In most cases they are minor and not dangerous, though. If you experience sharp pain after trauma, you may do the x-ray.

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