Husband Catches Wife On Bed With Lover

When a woman who’s said to be nursing a one-year-old baby is caught in adultery, then you should know that the man who married her got married to something else, not a wife.

According to NEH, a businessman, identified as Paul, found himself in this very frustrating situation as he caught his wife in the act live in another man’s bedroom.

The wife, Janet, had been having an unholy affair with a colleague to the extent she was neglecting her family; the couple have two children, one of them is barely a year old.

He got to know that his wife’s disrespect and disregard at home was because she was sleeping with another man. Following a tip off, he and his sister stormed the house of the man his wife is alleged to be having an affair with and, shamelessly, she was caught red handed ™l

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