Fans Blast Nollywood Actress Ruth Kadiri For Displaying Hairy Armpit In New Photos

She shared these photos from her new movie and some of her Fans who didn’t understand it’s a movie told her to go and read comments below:



“The movie title should be ARMPIT OF BOMB
“Chaiiiiiii…. Ruth my babe
huntergeeboyBushy armpit…..the guy dey fear for bed!”
“Disgusting armpit lol the below will be worst lol”
“Lol…george bush under ur armpit”
“Gush see ur armpit. Na wa oooo u cannot cut ur hair hmmmm rubbish”
“Kai ur armpit hair is much”
“Am sure d problem start with d hair in d armpit”
“The armpit hair is something else, lol.”
“D armpit hair is d catchy part of d movie, where d problem really started from”
“Why would u open dat armpit? It’s too bushy nd pls learn how to be clean, u ar a lady”
“Dis ur armpit tho…”
“I’ll shop for u. Shave stick ???”
“see his face @ruthkadiri this is serious ooo”
“Dat armpit!???”
“Ruth shave the armpit joor, is so disgusting……abi u wan grow dada for armpit”
“Hahahahah I can’t stop laughing, he is just looking at the armpit like …abeg Ruth shave it before he jumps up from that”
“Will u close ur armpit ?”
“@ruthkadiri has joined beards gang??”
“Please learn to shave it’s nasty”
“I really like you Ruth please if this hair is just for the set that’s fine but if not please you are a woman try shave your armpit thanks”
” This your armpit nawa o! E no gree shave?2
“that a small chick growing on your armpit??? Hahaha…@ruthkadiri”
“why leave your armpit unshaved.. please do better dear…”
“when the armpit is like this , how will the down side look [email protected]
“Dirty girl..try and shave ur armpit @ruthkadiri”
“No be small tin, u want to kill the guy”
“Shave it for wat???& the guys face tho??more grease hun” “Aboki no dey joke with armpit and down bellow hair..u don make dem fall in love with this movie.”
” see ur armpit. Na wa oooo u cannot cut ur hair hmmmm rubbish”

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