You Are A Light by Ozzi Etomi

You are filled with so much light,
So why do you continue to flirt with darkness?
Why do you skirt,
On the edge of your potential?
Why don’t you pluck,
When opportunity dangles?
Why do you take three steps forward
And two steps back?
Who taught you to fill yourself
With fear, and doubt?
Why do you see the possibility in others,
But never in yourself?
Why do you question,
Your gifts?
Have you not yet figured out,
That life is happening now?
Have you told yourself,
That you will never be enough,
Never know enough?
Did you allow yourself,
Feel defeated,
When you were knocked down?
Were you not taught,
That all you had to do,
Was stand back up?
That everything you needed,
Was always inside of you?
You are filled with so much light,
So why flirt with darkness?
Why immerse yourself,
In cesspool of hate?
Why do you allow foul words,
Spill out of your mouth?
Why do you disrespect others,
And yourself?
Why are you so irresponsible,
With your body, your mind and your soul?
Don’t you know,
It has only been loaned to you?
Why do you not,
Expand and open your mind?
Why be filled,
With judgement and bitterness?
Have you forgotten,
That long before you learned any other language,
You could already speak love?
You are filled with so much light,
Yet you continue to flirt with darkness.
Why do you blame everyone,
For the life you are living,
When a new life,
Is always one bold step away?
Why do you focus your energy,
On things that do not serve you,
But serve to distract you?
Why are you fixated on the absent,
But ignore the abundance of the present?
Why do you define life,
By your imagined limitations?
Don’t you know,
Your happiness is not a prize,
That can be earned,
But a gift you have always possessed?
Don’t you know,
You alone are solely responsible,
For creating the life you want to live?
You are filled with so much light,
Because you resist the urge to flirt with darkness.
You do not allow hesitation and doubt,
To become your second language.
You do not treat yourself so cruelly,
That others are forced to do the same.
You do not resent the joy of another,
For you know how far they must have journeyed,
To that particular destination.
You do not spend time lusting after a person’s gifts,
That you neglect your own.
You have faith in your ability,
To fly when expected to sink.
You do not allow others to dictate how you will live your life;
When things get tough,
They will never volunteer to live it for you.
You must do,
The things you think you cannot.
Because whether you crawl,
Or run,
You will achieve your goal.
But you never settle,
And you never stop,
You beautiful creature.
If only we could see how much light there is in us all,
We would stop flirting with darkness.

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