Singer Kcee Donates Money to heavily pregnant woman who Partook In His Ongoing dance competition.

Whenever five star music act, Kcee releases a new video, he asks fans to make a dance video and win some cash. The most sensational so far has been a female youth corps member, who took part despite being heavily pregnant.
Kcee took his time to locate the pregnant lady whose video went viral and present her with a cash gift.

he said on instagram : ‘‘Today I went to search for the young pregnant Corp member that is among the participants of my ongoing contest Tinana competition. After discussing with my brother Emoney we decided to go and pay her a surprise visit to encourage her for the courage she exhibited by coming out strong to participate not withstanding her present condition.‘’
‘I had a pleasant chat with her and her hubby and also presented her with an envelope. I wish her self delivery soonest.’’

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