NWD Relationships; The five types of men to avoid

By Oluwakemi


There was a hilarious quote on social media, which I encountered recently. It went along the lines of, not all men you find in church are good as is commonly believed. The church was likened to an hospital, for these men, some are responding to treatment, while some aren’t.

That sums up exactly the truth about men and relationships in general. Not all men are relationship material, some are not even friends material, they are only good for a hi/hello relationship and be done with it.

In this piece, we look at least, five types of men, you should definitely be having nothing to do with, if you know you are looking for a meaningful relationship.

The Cheat


This type of guy is most likely someone you started dating or probably even slept with up with while he was in a relationship. Don’t worry; he might have told you, he was on a “break” from his previous girlfriend. You knew it was wrong and you didn’t want to do it, but your heart just couldn’t help it.

He was just so charming and enamoured with you. Does that sound like your situation? When he has gotten his hooks into you sufficiently, you will even begin to think that, he’s the best thing to have happened to you since sliced bread.

Get real. He’s probably going to cheat on you, too. Sorry about that but it is going to happen. That is simply his nature, nothing to do with you.

The worst part of this type of man is, he not only cheats with women, he cheats in life, too. He probably cheats on tests, steals other people’s ideas and does whatever he needs to get ahead at work.

He is usually very smart and calculating; a smooth talker who gets what he wants by charming his way out of any sort of discipline. He will always have excuses for his behaviour.

If you fall for him, you do so at your own risk.

The control freak



This guy has a need to be right. He is a needy person, he has to blame everyone else but himself for whatever is happening or not happening. This guy has an opinion and constantly makes you feel bad about everything; your dress sense, how much makeup you have on, how you do your hair, what you eat, etc. He belittles your intelligence and questions every idea you have.

He doesn’t support what you do and makes snide comments about it regularly.

He gets jealous frequently, always wants to know where you are and what you’re doing.

The extreme version of the control freak is someone who is abusive.

You certainly need no persuasion to avoid this type of guy, unless, you have the antidote, which I don’t know by the way. If you do, kindly let me know in the comment section.

Mr Undecided

Terrell Collins, of Detroit, pauses while checking employment on a laptop comuter while attending a job fair in Livonia, Mich., Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009.   (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Dating this guy is an exercise in endurance. You need loads of the virtue called patience to survive, especially if you are in love with this type of guy.

The painful aspect of this guy is his dog in the manger tendencies. He will not make know his intention, he will not let you go and he will have scare away other potential suitors. This guy is “bad market” all the way.

This guy is Mr. Right personalified but he would never crave for more in your relationship.

He’s happy where you both are, so why would he want to ruin that? He would never talk about marriage seriously, or even meeting your parents, even after more than a year of dating.

He just likes to cruise along and have someone to spend time with when he wants it; other than that, your lives are pretty separate.

If you are the most patient person on the planet and you are not at all looking for something that has the potential to last forever, then go ahead and be with this guy.

If you are afraid of commitment, as well, he could be a perfect match for you. But, for anyone else, this is definitely a type of guy to avoid

The guy who has never been single


Doesn it not sound odd that guy has never been single in his life? He is always in a relationship. That doesn’t sit well with me at all. That speaks of another kind of neediness that a lady, looking for a serious relationship wouldn’t be interested in. It is just not ideal.

What’s he afraid of? What’s he hiding? There is no better place to hide from yourself than in a relationship, as you put the focus on someone else other than yourself. This type of guy most likely has lots of unresolved issues and painful feelings buried deep down.

Before he can be of plenty good to any woman, he needs to heal and accept who he is. If you ever find yourself dating such a man, get prepared to help him, that is, if you don’t have you own baggage though.

Mr work and money guy



This is no brainer really. While, it is so great to be ambitious in the midst of so many listless fellows in life, but when your life, identity, worth are tied to your job and how much money you have in your bank account, then there is a problem.

It is just too top heavy; an ideal man should have a rounded personality, not dependent on his job, money or network, but a bit of both and essentially, his own sense of his self-worth.

That’s my list of five types of men you should steer clear of. They are not worth the heartache, they will ultimately deliver.

However, if you are the perfect foil to their personality, don’t let any of these stop you.

Go right ahead and have a blast.

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