Grace-Anne Enenche, wife of the deceased Reverend Odiba was NOT ejected from the house of her late husband.

What Happened?
The surviving immediate siblings of the deceased convened to try to put things in their late brother’s home together to honor him and clear his name. The efforts undertaken included settling huge outstanding debts of the deceased especially staff salaries, reorganizing the structure of the church physically and administratively, etc. They felt they did owe their late brother the duty to make his work live after him and in doing all of this, his widow was completely carried along.

The Widow’s Reaction
Grace-Anne obviously did not like the moves being made by her in-laws as she probably perceived it as an attempt to control her affairs. Suggestions that were made to her to retreat for a while to seek the way forward for the ministry were seen as attempts to lord it over her. Efforts made towards organising the deceased’s estate to ultimately benefit her and only her were seen as ploys to partake in her late husband’s wealth. Suggestions as to where to relocate to as the house rent has expired and she herself is not desirous of having the rent renewed were ill perceived by her.

What Did She Do?
Yesterday, she angrily stormed out of the house with her belongings and instructed her younger ones to help her move all their things out of that house. All efforts to calm her down and plead with her not to be angry fell on deaf ears.

How Did the News Get Out?
Having moved her things out, Grace-Anne had her belongings photographed and sent to the Press (Idoma Voice et al) with an accusation that her late husband’s family had “ejected” her. It looked to have been well planned. Look at her and her things in attached photograph.

Background/Common Sense Analysis
I analyse two prominent members of this family.
Respected pastor Dr Paul Enenche whose name is being smeared today by this falsehood is a man who has grown beyond his background and tribe. He doesn’t lack money. Let all rational beings ask themselves how a man who gave his deceased brother the car that Grace-Anne is driving today would have an interest in reclaiming it. Moreover he singlehandedly bankrolled the posthumous publication of his brother’s books.
Popular evangelist, philanthropist and school proprietress, Enewa Aluma (WHO BY THE WAY DID NOT SLAP ANYONE DURING THE BURIAL) has rehabilitated countless widows and orphans over the years, being a widow herself. Let all well meaning people who do not place envy and hate above reason try to fathom objectively how she would want to render her own late brother’s wife a destitute.

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