Kemi Mfon Bassey; The Story Of A Sister Who Sacrificed The Art In Her for Her Younger Sister To Shine

There has been series of stories of love, sacrifice and selflessness but the story of Kemi Odetola (now Kemi Mfon Bassey) is another interesting one. Kemi was born with star qualities. She had oratory, presenting and acting skills. She didnt stop at the raw talents, she started getting trained secretly beccause of course her dad wanted Doctors, Accountants, Engineers etc… She’s had trainings in Acting and broadcasting and the stage was ready for her to practice. She did a couple of talk shows and her dad got a wind of it and vehemently stopped Kemi’s career in Entertainment before it started.

Kemi Odetola now Kemi Mfon Bassey


Kemi went on to be a successful Engineer and today the regional head of PHCN’s Engineering / Technical Department S/W. Kemi was always hoping all her trainings in Entertainment wouldn’t go to nought, reason she became excited when her little sister Jumoke Odetola picked up interest in Acting. An opportunity for Kemi to put all her knowledge to use, she put all her weight behind Jumoke’s career and gave her all the supports.

Award winning Kemi Odetola
Award winning Jumoke Odetola

She also made building the career possible by playing a major role in shrouding Jumoke’s career in secrecy before their dad who would kick against it. Today, Kemi is relieved that she can be an Engineer and as well transfer her arts to her sister. It is Kemi Mfon Bassey’s birthday today and with love, Jumoke and the entire crew at Prodigy and Pens Communication celebrate this woman who sacrificed the art in her for a sister.

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