iphone7; Dont buy the trend, be the trend- Pat Obilor

So much ado about the new iphone7 and I thought to spill my points. Look ore, it’s okay to acquire it if you be money miss road or you don hammer. It is awesome to enjoy lives luxuries but it is also human to do things in moderation and according to your financial value. However, It is tragic to find poeple who don’t have strong financial depth but would hunger to get vain and materialistic things that can’t even assure a great life. I am influential by God’s grace and still working to make more impacts and i can afford the phone but trust me, even if you give me the phone now, i will sell it so i can strike out some of the important things on my to-do lists. If however I feel compelled to have it, I will ask Apple these conditions first.

1. Will it partner with me financially to embark on my initiatives faster and does it have features that will automatically download all the emails and direct contacts of top celebrities, Obama, Dangote, and those rich Arab people that smash a Bugatti Veyron without remorse, and of course, Hilary clinton, so I have the opportunity to meet them and pitch my ideas for mogulettes Africa magazine and #Standoutwithpat talkshow.

2. If it will automatically play my worship music for me in the morning and help me locate the bible verse I need for each situation without me touching my phone.

3. If it will partner with major telecoms companies in Nigeria so I dont have to subsribe data all the time. 4. If it will help me type out my thoughts and print it at the same time using a wireless printer.

5. Nigeria is one of the highest consumer of iphone or mobile products. so will apple help in employing or empowering at least 10,000 of it’s youths annually? because as at now, there are about 80% of them who have turned overnight motivational speakers and wannabe entrepreneurs.

.6. These days, social media is taking its toll on our relationships. Will it help me plan and build a better relationship with poeple by automatically sending good wishes, hearty messages and birthday greetings without me typing anything or when I don’t even remember.

7. Please when you wish to do iphone8, will you add the Features that will help people design money and print on their own? If not, I am satisfied to have my apple as juice. To my naija poeple, una know as e dey go, invest wisely, dont be tossed around, be the trend. Thank you

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