Child Abuse: Woman allegedly brutalizes her domestic help in Lagos, cuts her with a saw

A woman has been arrested by the Police in Lagos for allegedly brutalizing her domestic help. According to the LIB eye witness who sent in these photos, this happened yesterday Sept 25th at Meiran, Alagbado.

Neigbours heard the woman seriously beating the underage girl but didn’t understand what was actually going on. However, when they stepped in to intervene, the maid was found bleeding but still handling domestic chores. First aid treatment was administered and in the process, it was revealed that the woman allegedly attacked her with a furniture saw. “Trying to escape, the house-mate tried defending herself but her hand was injured in the process.”

This did not deter the woman and she still forced her maid to wash clothes with the same hand. Sympathizers immediately informed the Police and she was arrested, detained at Meiran Police Station, Alagbado, Lagos. The Lagos State Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment Response Team have been notified and the maid was also told to report to the station today.#nigerianwomendiary ™@nigerianwomendiary

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