Being black isn’t really seen as fully human – Chimamada Adichie Speaks on Police Killings in America

“I think what’s going on now just doesn’t give me room for humor,” Adichie said. “I think that I’m so emotionally exhausted by the murders that I don’t think I could find any space to wrap humor around what’s been happening in the past one year, two years.”
“It’s not just that you shoot a man who’s unarmed, it’s that you handcuff him when he’s clearly dying,” she said. “There’s something about it that’s so unforgivably inhumane and to think that his race is part of the reason … I really do think that one of the terrible things about racism in this country, is there’s a sense that blackness isn’t really seen as fully human in many quarters. .
I think that’s why these things happen. I think that’s why a man who is dying is handcuffed, that’s why a boy who is dead is left on the street for hours. It makes me wonder What’s happened to that part of us that is good?” –

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