Act It; The Girl Child Empowerment set to train 100 Girls in a 3 Weekend Cake Making session

When we think that more than 60 million girls worldwide are not in school, 20 million in Africa undergo female genital mutilation and 80 percent of girls in rural Africa don’t have access to education, we realize the problems of the current approach to development. Existing efforts largely emanate from the top, with little impact at the grass-roots level.

Providing girls with basic education is a simple assurance of giving them greater personal power and independence. They will be able to make better choices for themselves than depend on those around them for the same. This ability must not be a luxury for them but rather a necessity.

Join the #actit concept to train 100 girls in a 3 weekend cake making and modelling designed by @orphanscorp and @indelwomen by partnering as a business or support as an individual.


And all of these cost N1,450.00 per girl. Enough has been said, let’s #actit today!

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