20 romantic facts about Pastor Adeboye and wife as they celebrate 49 years of marriage.

• Adeboye married 2x..not what you’re thinking. He had a traditional marriage first then a white wedding in church about two years after.
• Adeboye couldn’t afford a ring then but he promised his wife that she will never lack anything and has since kept this promise.
• When Adeboye could finally afford a ring, he refused to buy or wear one. He also mandated his last son, Leke Adeboye, to do same.
• Adeboye wouldn’t eat food or drink anywhere his wife doesn’t approve first.
• Adeboye prefers his meals freshly cooked daily.
• Adeboye expects his wife to fast with him when he is fasting. (We guess this saves on food expenses lol)
• Adeboye eats dinner between 4-5pm and that’s it for the day. • Adeboye sometimes goes into the kitchen to give moral support and taste the food. He also advices on which food needs more seasoning or salt.
• At least 3 times every year, Adeboye leaves his whole family for about 5 days, no phone calls, no sex, no distractions, even his wife is not allowed around him. (we all know whose face he goes to seek)
• Adeboye used to be a plus size man, until he started fasting heavily.
• Adeboye completely avoids fizzy drinks and ofcus as a child of God doesn’t drink alcohol. Now, he only drinks water, fresh fruit juice and teas.
• Adeboye would never leave Nigeria and is never more than a 2-hours’ drive or flight away from his wife on the month of her birthday. This is one of the promises he made to her when they got married.
• Adeboye still gives monthly household expenses fees to his wife till date. This even increases year by year as inflation goes up
• Adeboye also gives his wife monthly self-maintenance allowance (Don’t you want you some Adeboye?)
• When he is at home, Adeboye kisses his wife every morning and prays for her even before coming out to see anyone else.
• Adeboye always buys marching watches, suit cases. Everything he needs to get, he always makes sure to get her own version of it.
•He always puts his wife first before his his children. Besides they will and have all left home anyways.
• Adeboye always appreciates her 4 holding her dreams ™

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