TIGER NUT MILK; THE WONDER DRINK Drink for healthy hair

Drink for healthy hair

Who loves this nuts as i do? I remember as a kid my mum always bought this on her way back from work, she grew up in the Northern part of Nigeria so was used to Hausa local meals, milk etc.

Known as one of the world’s healthiest snacks, tiger nuts are high in iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin E.. Tiger nuts are also called chufa nuts and have a nutty taste similar to coconuts. This milky, nutty tasting tuber is plentiful in Nigeria and can also be found in the Spanish drink horchata. This ancient super-food is extremely high in fiber, iron, potassium, and vitamins C and E. As a matter of fact, tiger nuts have as much iron as red meat, as much potassium as coconut water. They are allergen free, gluten free, dairy free, and chocked full of resistant starch, which is a type of fiber that is pre-biotic.

They help to stimulate the immune system by preventing cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cancer. the nuts have essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. the minerals are used to build strong bones and muscles; repaired tissues and helped the blood stream. “Tiger nuts are often cultivated for its edible tubers.

‘’ In Nigeria, the Hausas call it ‘Aya’; Yorubas call it ‘Ofio’; the Igbos, ‘imumu’ or ‘aki Hausa’; while the Hausas make a drink called Kunun Aya from it,’’ In China, tiger nut juice is used as a liver tonic and heart stimulant. The nuts contained a lot of oleic acid which helped to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride, adding that it also prevented hardening of the arteries. It helped to prevent constipation because it aided proper digestion. “ Tiger nuts contain enough protein and carbohydrates. It contains a good quantity of vitamin B1, which assists in balancing the central nervous system and helps to encourage the body to adapt to stress. Its used to treat stomach pain, aid normal menstruation, adding that it helped to heal mouth and gum ulcers.

The nut promotes the production of urine; serves as a preventive measure for prostate cancer, hernia, rectum deformation and prolapse. “Tiger nuts helps in stress management by helping the body to stay balanced and also helps to prevent fibrosis as well as blockage of the tip of the fallopian tube. “The high fibre content of the tiger nuts makes it a good colon evacuator and cleanser and can help one to lose weight. “The black specie of the tiger nuts is an excellent medicine for breast lumps and cancer,’’ tiger nutsare also used in the production of some types of beer, cosmetics, condiments and livestock feed. She, therefore, advised that nursing mothers should eat a lot of tiger nuts for enough production of breast milk to satisfy their babies. (NAN)

Tiger nuts milk consists of amino acids, flavonoids, minerals, sugars, and vitamins B, C and E, which come together and provide antioxidants and moisturizing properties to not only skin but also hair. Its primary benefits to hair are protection and moisture. With its solid source of magnesium, tiger nuts helps women suffering from a magnesium deficiency, which can contribute to scalp hair loss. Tiger nuts helps to fortify hair and protect it against UV rays while making it softer.
We are seeing more products on the market utilizing the benefits of tiger nut milk and not just because what it can do for hair but also because it is great for persons allergic to nuts or seeds. Some companies use the milk to produce natural hair products for moisture.
To enhance your hair health, you can chew it or blend to get the juice out of it.

For those who suffer from low sexual libido, tiger nuts supplies the body with enough quantity of Vitamin E, essential for fertility in both men and women hence a good aphrodisiac.To help enhance sexual libido, blend it with dates (the hausa mallams sell them) and extract the juice.

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