Sheer Evil; Little girl allegedly abused by guardian in Abuja

According to the social media user, Rita Ifeoma, who shared this, the little girl in the photo was brutally abused and sent back from Abuja to Akwa all by herself. .


read below… “Am still trying to understand this inhumane treatment that was meted out to my lil cousin(Miss Precious Nwole) by her supposed guardian(Mrs Chinelo Ifediora) who allegedly claimed the lil girl(she’s just 6yrs old) was confirmed to be a witch… She claimed that ever since the lil girl started living with them she and her husband started experiencing setbacks and that was the reason she almost snuffed life out of the lil girl..she even had the guts to send the girl back to Awka with all the injuries on her body.. CHINELO IFEDIORA must not go unpunished! #nigerianwomendiary ™@nigerianwomendiary

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