Sheer Evil; Husband beats wife to death and sends N30k for burial without showing up




Via Facebook ?Be careful and think twice before saying “I Do” cuz some men are demons in human clothing…Rip dearie… she was beaten by her so called “HUSBAND” and returned to her parents on clutches…Not for once did the so called oil worker of a husband visit her…He didn’t show concern for their little daughter who would be 1year old tomorrow…. After weeks of being comalised, oluchi dies…And her “husband ” sends just #30,000 for her burial arrangements and refuses her being buried in his compound… I wonder what this 24years old woman has done to deserve this kinda faith…Married at 22 after service(Nysc) had a daughter and died 2016 just after 2years of marriage….Rip dear…May God guide and protect her daughter and give her widowed mother the grace to bear the pain…This world can be really Evil!!!Rip ??? ™L

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