NWD Lifestyle; 12 Slang Words We Need to Retire in 2016

2015 was a major year for the English language—Oxford Dictionaries crowned an emoji word of the year and slang played an integral part of social media, more than ever before. But some of these slang words have been so overplayed, they need to go away… stat. Ahead, check out 12 terms that everyone should stop saying in 2016 and replace with these instead—amirite?!


1. Can’t Even

This refers to moments when someone says something incredibly stupid or you just witnessed the cutest thing and you just can’t even… form a complete sentence.

2. Yas

We’re not quite sure what happened but the entire internet woke up one morning spelling “yes” wrong, and it’s annoying as hell.

3. Feels

You know that wave of overwhelming emotion that hits you during any Disney Pixar movie? So many feels, amirite? Wrong. Just say you’re f*cking sad.


4. Dead

Similar to “can’t even,” you’ve probably used “dead” after seeing/hearing something so ridiculously funny that you die. But now it’s thrown at the end of every sentence like a punctuation. Stop saying “dead”—it’s dead AF.

5. Goals

“Goals” can and has been added to pretty much every possible noun—friendship goals (like Bey and Nicki), relationship goals, closet goals, hair goals—except actual attainable goals. How ’bout focusing on those instead?


6. Fleek

Usually referring to one’s eyebrows, “fleek” is synonymous with “on point.” But it’s been so overdone that whoever still uses the word is most likely not on fleek.

7. Turnt/Turn Up

“Turnt up” usually refers to how drunk you are or how good a party is. Although it’s a pretty solid word to capture one’s night, it’s been too played out to still sound cool.

8. Bae

Where do we begin… “bae” is equivalent to 2004’s “boo” and should remain in 2015. It’s cringeworthy when couples refer to each other as the-word-that-should-never-be-uttered.

9. Basic

Most used in 2015 to describe a pumpkin-spice-latte-loving girl with an endless Instagram feed of selfies and eternal love for all things trendy. Its time has long passed and it’s now in the same category as Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” from 2011.

10. Hashtag

Saying “hashtag” out loud needs to end. It’s come to a point where it precedes every word that’s ever existed and doesn’t mean squat anymore. #PleaseStop


11. Squad

Most often used in combination with word #5 (#SquadGoals), any group can be referred to as a squad. People like Taylor Swift and her “Bad Blood girls” use it to try and make other people jealous. Ew.


12. Literally

According to Merriam-Webster, the adverb “literally” is defined as: “in a literal sense or manner,” and one of the definitions of the term “literal” includes, “completely true and accurate: not exaggerated.” Aka the opposite of how it’s used today. But do you, Queen,Do you?


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