NWD Inspiration;The Story Of Christiane Amanpour Raised In War-Torn Tehran To Become World’s Most Richest Female Journalist

Permit me to share this with you. It spoke to me and I’m pretty sure it will speak to someone here:

Christiane Amanpour

Mahmoud, a Muslim from Iran and his British wife Patricia in 1958 had this beautiful girl child who they were raising in war-torn Tehran, capital of Iran.

Mahmoud was a comfortable airline executive until 1979 when the Islamic revolution toppled the government and he and his family joined several families to flee out of Iran. He lost every single thing he had.

The little girl, Christiane was now 21 and was seriously shook by the experience. Left the family in London to America to study journalism with great interest in political conflict. Her dream was to some day be a reporter for any TV station on world politics.

But her place of origin and her middle eastern look was not the only impediment she faced to becoming her dream person in America. She also had a pronounced speech defect called ‘a lisp’ which makes it difficult to pronounce certain letters

Not a bad time to quit & do something less challenging right? Not the quiet but determined Christiane. She kept her dream alive and kept at it. Flying colours out of the university in 1983 with her 1st degree. Hunted & found a job as a mere assistant at the international desk at Cable News Network CNN

With unflinching dedication 33years later, the rest of her story we all know. Always in the Forbes list of top most powerful women in the world, The woman most followed by world leaders on twitter, Arguably world’s richest female journalist with over $12.5m, Amazing collection of awards including an Emmy. We could go on forever with what her resilience has achieved

This is where you come in. Do bad experiences serve as your springboard to stay motivated & be successful in life or the perfect excuse to be sour and negative?

In a quest for betterment, does the lack of tge much needed funds,connects, looks, a wealthy background, education or even love stop you from breathing life into your dreams?

Still wondering what is possible? Next time you hear “This is Christiane Amanpour for CNN” . Remember anything is possible

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