Meet South African lady living with HIV who has refused to be limited by her status

Lebogang Brenda Motsumi is a young South African lady who has been living with the HIV virus for about three years.

She broke the internet when she revealed her status to the world.
People living with HIV virus are often stigmatised to the point where they are expected to stay locked up in their houses and never step out. The weird way people look at them in the society is enough to make them depressed as most people worry about sharing personal effects with them. .

Lebogang Brenda Motsumi

As a matter of fact, it is not the virus that kills people, it is depression often experienced by those living with the virus that sends them to an early grave. However, Motsumi had fought her own battles within; she had wrestled with her thoughts and have decided to come clean after putting the demons where they belong. She is one hell of a fighter as she is not ready to let her status define her. Lebo, as she is fondly called, has her eyes fixed on the brighter side of life as she is not ready to cave in to depression that often comes with that status. She is an HIV activist who has chaired many gatherings aimed at encouraging young people who are living with the virus. .

Lebo got to know about her status in year 2009 after her ex-boyfriend shared his status. She felt she could test positive to the virus but refused to admit it could every happen to her. She was healthy about this time and did not see the need to go for a test as she thought she was beyond the virus.

She acknowledged in an interview that a late Kwaito singer, Tebogo ‘Zombo’ Ndlovu infected her with the virus. The saddest part was that she was never in love with him as she claimed to have been with him for the fame. She was a naive seventeen-year-old who got more than what she bargained for.#nigerianwomendiary ™@nigerianwomendiary

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