Mayowa Ahmed passes On; Read Tribute by Olawale Olaleye




????From @eshnana – Adieu, Mayowa!
Learning of Mayowa’s demise this evening, it would be inhuman to say it was just a matter of time. But for a stage 4 cancer, survival is usually beyond medical comprehension but a divine thing. In fact, it is at the stage doctors give possible date of passing.
It is for this reason I’d like to state here and also for the record that Toyin Aimakhu might have been right after all. This entire Save Mayowa initiative, truly, could have been a scam for all we care.
The eventual police clearance as well as the hurriedly conscripted trip to South Africa, I want to believe, was an intervention to not only calm the horizon of the heated debate and the bad blood generated by Toyin’s outburst and reaction to the news of alleged scam, but more importantly, to create an access to the huge funds the family had been able to raise, cashing in on Mayowa’s obviously intractable health condition.

It is sad that a promising young lady, after fretting and strutting her hours on the earthly stage would quit in such excruciating pains, despite her spirited determination to live.
But more unfortunate was the politicisation of such a serious health matter, to say the least, its alleged exploitation for selfish gains.
Certainly, it would be unfair to further accuse anyone, let alone the family of the deceased of complicit in the alleged manipulation that would later colour Mayowa’s  fundraiser.

But as a concerned Nigerian and one who showed more than a passing interest in Mayowa’s case and as much sent his token in the collective hysteria to see her successfully battle the cancer, we leave everyone to God, in the hope that their fate would be decided proportionate to their roles in the Mayowa saga.

For Mayowa, if this is destiny, I am not sure it is enviable. But I pray God to lay you well in your final resting place and give your family, both the exterior and the interior strength to bear the pains of your sad but seemingly helpless passing.
Adieu! #nigerianwomendiary ™@nigerianwomendiary

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