Lady recounts shocking experience with assorted “Juju” on her way to work

From @kinkkygal – Thankful
I was driving to work this morning, blasting my gospel music,my phone began to ring so as I tried to reach for it, the next thing I saw was a little boy ran  into my car and laid down on the road. Next one woman jumped out from nowhere and started shouting, I was still in shock because I was sure my car did not touch that boy. People gathered  and asked I take him to the hospital. Their was no  blood but may be the boy fainted. That same woman entered the car with me, claiming she wants to follow me so I don’t dump the boy on the road, I agreed.
My heart was beating
My body shaking
I felt I had killed someone
As I was driving my hands where shaking
Not until the woman said
Aunty stop !!
Just give us the money wey u one spend for hospital and my pikin go wake up
I looked at her from my mirror and packed
She said madam I fit wake this boy up
As if she used juju on me
I started the car and drove off again
I just stopped by at the closest ATM
Withdrew some cash and gave her .
She called the boy by his name, Sunday,
Sunday wake .
She don pay your school fees
As the boy jumped up
They opened my car and left
Guess what

I was just looking, I could not talk
As if they pulled out my tongue
Till they left my car.
I was still in shock till I got to the office.
The country is really hard.
African magic everywhere . #nigerianwomendiary ™@nigerianwomendiary

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