International Youth Day: Precious Ajunwa’s Galaxy4Peace Calls For Investment on Young People Leading Sustainable Peace

Lagos, Nigeria – August 12th , the world observed 2016 International Youth Day – a day set aside by the United Nations and member states to celebrate youths and discuss issues relating to them. Observing this day in Nigeria, Galaxy4Peace joined other stakeholders to commemorate the day with a Peace Themed Photo-Shoot and Youth-Day hangout on 12th of August at Sabo Market – Yaba & Education Love Garden – University of Lagos.image

The peace themed photo-shoot awareness campaign led by Galaxy4Peace young peace-Influencers gave them the platform to lead sensitization of their peers, adults and general public on the streets of Lagos on essence of peaceful existence at the Peace Themed Photos Shoot


The peace photo shoot which doubles as part of her 2016 Sweat4Peace pre-event prep highlighted the importance of youths to develop their abilities in critical thinking and deploy same in discerning what is good from bad, and engage only in those things that will bring about development, better life and advancement to themselves and the society.
Empowering young people to teach peers on how to shun political thuggery, violence, cultism and killings to achieve sustainable peace.


Addressing the peace-influencers at the Youth Day Hangout, Galaxy4Peace Founder – Miss Precious Ajunwa shared her excitement in hosting young people who are leading sustainable peace in their communities.
“Creating platform for youths leading sustainable peace has always been our dream at Galaxy4Peace. When young people are marginalized and excluded this can lead to devastating effects in their lives and society at large, but when they are given the opportunity their invaluable role in contributing and building more inclusive and peaceful societies always yield positive impact. Hence, we constantly engage youths in a wide range of peacebuilding initiatives and in this occasion of International Youth Day 2016, we are proud of all our Peace-Influencers for successful outing”.

Remarking we call on individuals, government and other stakeholders to engage youths in shaping lasting peace and contribute to justice and reconciliation through adequate investment in peacebuilding.

Miss Ajunwa further emphasized that not only should steps and actions to counter terrorism and violent extremist movements be taken at surface level, but actions which tackles the causes of conflict, addressing the root causes of violent extremism and the factors driving youth involvement and participation in terrorist acts should be examined continuously.



imageThe future of every society depends on the wellbeing of her young people, and the importance of their active role in peacebuilding in communities leads to achieving SDGs NO16 by 2030.

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