If your dreams do not scare you, then you’re doing it wrong” – Adesua Etomi

Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi in this cover for My Hair My Beauty NG, talks about are very ambitious career , winning an Oscar in 5 years, reveals all her beauty secret & tips in caring for her natural hair .



Who is Adesua? What is a common misconception about you that you’d like to correct?

Adesua is a free spirit, a lover of God, a lover of life, a happy soul and a performer to her very core. There’s a lot more but this pretty much sums up who I am.



How did your journey to Nollywood start?

It’s such a long story but to cut it short, I auditioned for a role in movie called ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’ which was produced by The Royal arts academy. This was in 2013. I got the role and it was released in 2014. That was the beginning of my journey in Nollywood. I didn’t plan it but God has a way of orchestrating our footsteps.

Why acting? What is it about the profession that you love so much?

I recently heard a line in a movie and the lead character said ‘you do what you are’. This is how I feel about acting. I’m already  an actor, I was mn. I’m doing what I am, it is who I am. I didn’t choose this profession. It chose me. A friend of mine recently told me that I’m obsessed with my job and I would have to agree. (Laughs)



What is your favourite part of your career? and least favourite part?

My favourite part of my career is the fact that I get a chance to tell stories, play different characters and also be in a position to effect change through the projects I do. I am also able to inspire. The least favourite part of my job is being in the public eye. It leaves you very vulnerable and open to the negative opinions of people.

What’s your view on the Nigerian Movie Industry?

The Nigerian film industry is going to be a force that the world will have to reckon with very soon. Sooner than later, I believe that we will start to see collaborations between Nollywood and other international film industries. We have come so far in a very short space of time. We are not quite where we need to be just yet but we are definitely not where we used to be. Nollywood is a thriving industry. It’s easy to forget to appreciate us when we don’t put into perspective, the fact that our journey hasn’t been very long. Things are getting better and I’m very proud of this industry and the strides that it has made.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have very big and ambitious dreams. I think if your dreams do not scare you, then you’re doing it wrong. In 5 years, career wise I’d like to have won an Oscar and have been in at least a couple of international projects. On a personal level, I would like to start a family. Overall I expect that I’ll be a better version of myself.


Your natural hair has become part of your signature look, why and when did you decide to go natural?

I became natural in 2011 or so. I dyed my hair and it started to fall out so I just decided to shave it off. I was bored as well in all honesty. I just never considered relaxing it anymore. I love the texture and character of my natural hair. I really wish I had appreciated very early because it’s an active part of my image. I think we should train our daughters to be proud of the hair that they are born with.

What are some of the products you use to maintain your hair?

I use Shea butter, a lot of water and Shea moisture products. It is important to moisturize your hair so it is not brittle and prone to breakage. I also visit Kl’s natural beauty bar to treat me hair and pamper it.

What are your top 5 Hair and beauty products?

Raw organic honey
Nars make up products (especially their creamy concealer and weightless foundation)
Organic Coconut oil, it is great for the skin and hair
Black up water based primer
Dermalogica Skin clearing wash
What is your favourite Beauty spot inside or outside of Nigeria?

Kl’s natural beauty bar for my hair and for my skin, it would have to be Body Beautiful spa in Ikeja.

What is your favourite Beauty Tip or secret?


I recently discovered the magic that is Raw Organic honey. It works wonders on my skin and hair. It leaves my skin soft and helps with blemishes. It also has antibacterial properties.

What has been your worst beauty experience?

Oh, I went for a facial peel once and it ruined my skin for months! One of the worst choices I’ve ever made where my skin is involved. It was supposed to help with scarring, but it ruined my skin instead. It was probably not the right treatment for me. Waxing is also a very painful experience but it’s worth it. (Laughs)

In an industry where looks are very important, how do you maintain your svelte figure?

I wish I could tell you that I work out actively but I don’t. I think I’m blessed. My genes are working in my favour but I also try my best to eat clean and healthy. I don’t always succeed but I do my best. I’m conscious of not letting myself go or become nonchalant about my weight so that keeps me in check too.


Interview by TheStyleConcierge
Make Up : Bebe Omagbemi @bibyonce
Hair : Nene Ndukwu @cc_nene
Wardrobe : Zephans & Co @zephansandco & Maju @shopmaju
Styling/Creative Direction : The Style Concierge
Photography: Eleanor Goodey Photography (@eleanorgoodeyphotography)

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