Female fuel attendant earning N15k monthly,returns a customer’s lost money


From Efe Okposio- Some weeks ago I drove into the Mobil filling station on Teaching Hospital rd Gwagwalada Abuja to get fuel. Unknown to me 30k dropped off the car when I opened the door. When I got to my next stop to pick some things I discovered the money way missing.
After driving around for about 30mins I decided to check the filling station. When I asked Esther the fuel attendant about the money. She just stepped into their office and brought my 30 thousand.

She could have denied seeing the money and I couldn’t have suspected her. But she brought the money out. 30k is her two months salary but she rose above it.
So when next you’re in Gwagwalada Abuja and your fuel is running low. Stop by at Mobil filling station on Teaching hospital rd. Ask of Esther and give her a good tip.

.The facebooker went to ahead to give more information on another post.. Read below

I did a post yesterday on how Esther the filling station attendant helped me pick up thirty thousand naira. And how people should show her love.

I wasn’t ex it to go viral as I did after dinner. I woke up this morning to see over:
1500 likes on the post.
Almost 900 Coments
About 300 shares.

Alot of people asked for her facebook contact. She’s not on facebook.

Others asked for her phone number, here they are: 08051735468, 08051735468.

Don’t be bothered if she doesn’t pick her calls immediately. She could be attending to a customer.

If you are a radio host. This is an opportunity to put her on your show. This is what we should be celebrating. You can also put her on your magazine and use her as a role model. Pastors invite her to inspire young people on the value of hard work and honesty and give her a good honorarium.

Let’s celebrate Esther. She deserves it

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