Sen. Melaye shares another post on Remi Tinubu




The post continues below:

3. I know a former member of the National Assembly, who had to go to one of today’s cabinet members to report her, that the next time she was rude to him, he would damn the consequences and take her to the cleaners. I also know that Mark as former SP avoided her like a plague. Did anyone see how she charged at Senator Obanikoro when she objected to his nomination as minister? Instances abound and these are unbecoming incidences that should not be found in anyone’s character file. But that’s who she is. It will take a “real man” to brush aside such invectives and pretend an encounter ever took place with her. That’s where Dino missed it. But Remi can be such a menace. .
Please note, I am not one given to cheap talks and these instances, I can verify to this platform. Thanks all.
Remi embarrassed her SP and the DSP
The same woman almost slapped Senator Rafiu Ibrahim and nobody demanded an apology /response from her or the entire Senate. Why now? .
The same woman deliberately sat on the DSP’s seat to cause uproar yet, nobody demanded an apology from her. Why now?
Am just wondering why Tinubu supporters are now demanding a word from Senate after the same woman engaged Dino
Why always Remi Tinubu? Fatima Binta, Oduah & other mothers are yet to fight a man in the senate
Remi Tinubu Calling someone’s husband a thug/dog, I mean you can’t be of misconduct and hoping to become a role model for the next set of Generation
Hajiya Gambo, Sarah Jubril fought for women race without wrestling today, they are worthy to be looked up to .
I repeat Fumilayo Kuti, Hajiya Gambo, Sarah Jubril fought for woman race without attacking any man – they are worthy to be looked up to.”

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