OJB’s First Wife; The heroine, Mabel Okungbowa aka Mama Jay – Emma Ugolee

From @emmaugolee – YOU ARE THAT WOMAN. The one spoken about as a “good thing” if you were ever found. Rare gateway to obtaining favour from God.


Ojb’s first wife Mabel & Emma Ugolee

I never believed I could ever say “words fail me” about the ability to describe but Mama Jay you have sealed my lips. Speechless with the right words to qualify the amount of grace, patience, selflessness, understanding, hardwork, peace and love carried by one woman.
OJB’s least celebrated but most priced achievement was to make you his wife. No awards, no hit songs, no performance, however celebrated can equal your value with OJB and he knew it.
When times got rough you started a small time business right infront of the house.

OJB ‘s 3 wives in church during the burial service

When he decided on a 2nd wife, your calm adjustment startled the world

When he decided on a 3rd wife, your class and grace left us all weak. “What part of heaven did you come from?” everyone muttered with deep respect from varied corners.
Just as we all wondered how far you could go to show what kind of loyalty your love was made of, he fell ill and guess who was lying next to him in the theatre letting go of her kidney to let him live? Keeping vigil every night he couldn’t sleep.

My dear Mabel you are an angel. How do I get you immortalised like you helped him be?
How did you stay wings beneath the wings of such an icon for 19years with unruffled feathers? Not one breaking point does the world have on record.
If I show you the crowd of both men and women who wish for a little of you in their spouses you would not believe it.
My sister I cannot get Ambode to erect a statue for you at TBS but I can beg God Almighty to make you reap every ounce of good your precious soul has dispatched to my brother Babatune and the world as I send this little tribute out to everyone I know. – God bless you The heroine, Mabel Okungbowa aka Mama Jay. #nigerianwomendiary ™@nigerianwomendiary

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