NWD Relationships- How I Went From Friend To Wife In Less Than Two Years

Plant a seed and watch it grow.
Justin was in a relationship when I met him, but things were a bit rocky so I knew that it wasn’t that serious. I assumed that he had options because he was the type of guy that women would drop everything just to be in his presence, but he wasn’t happy. We exchanged info with hopes of networking in the future,but I wanted something different. He was the settling type and I knew that life would be good with him. Of course with that being said I knew that I had to play hardball because he was professional and direct. Men like Justin weren’t just sitting around waiting for the right woman to come along. They fly off the market fast, so you have to know exactly how to play them. Justin wanted someone that would cater to his needs, so I began my investigation.


Playing the Game is easier said than done.
I begin to conduct my investigation by locating his social media accounts. I wouldn’t follow them, but I would browse them for clues as to what his likes and dislikes were in regards to women. It would give me subtle hints on how to approach him. I first found out that he wasn’t into small talk so I would send a quick text that was brief but sweet. He would respond promptly, but I would take my time. I knew that the chase intrigued him; it was fun and new, so I played into it. Little did I know that it would be my ticket to the big leagues!


You only get one shot to make a connection.
One evening while plotting my next move, I decided to follow Justin on Social Media. We had been friends for almost six months now, and the cat and mouse game was getting tiring. He accepted the request and followed back, and before you knew it, we were having a full discussion via Direct Message. I could tell he was more comfortable with the DM feature because he was a lot more open. We talked for hours about his relationships, his and my sexual preferences, and what he was looking for in a woman. Needless to say, I agreed with everything that he was looking for and made him believe that he would find it in me. This was the start of something new, and I could feel it, now I had to figure out a way to get rid of his girlfriend.


I don’t compete for spots; I am the spot.
After playing the good girl role quite sometime I began to turn up the heat. I knew that he was rather sexual from our personal conversation so I began to send sexy pics that would spark his interest, homemade dinners, pictures of me traveling and just enjoying life. I knew that his past relationship was a bit annoying because his then girlfriend was always working. He would conveniently make more and more free time to talk to me, which eventually led up to up meeting up in safe places like coffee shops, or bookstores. He was a gentleman so he wouldn’t take it to the next level but enjoyed my company. At this point, I knew that I had him where I wanted him and that she didn’t deserve him.


He had to make a decision to leave or to stay.
After months of conversations and secret meetings, I felt like the time was right to solidify my position. They had just had a heated argument, and he called in a rage about how selfish she was, so I sent Justin a text asking him to meet me for dinner and he obliged. I wanted to leave a lasting impression that would change his mind on who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. I had his favorite meal catered, and I was wearing his favorite color, royal blue. I knew that he wanted to blow off some steam so instead of trying to take advantage of him why he was vulnerable, after dinner we stayed up until 5 am just talking about past experiences and future goals.


We woke up the next morning with his phone ringing off the hook and displayed dozens of messages. He excused himself into the next room to speak with his girlfriend, and when he was finished, he sat me down to talk. He told me that he knew I was the one from our first few conversations, but was scared to roll the dice. He then asked if he can move his stuff in the next day, and I replied that I had the movers on speed dial. We were married within the next two months in an intimate ceremony. I don’t believe that we were sneaky, but that the both of us knew what we deserved, and that was each other.

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