NWD Relationships; 3 Reasons Why Picking A Struggle Partner Might Be Your Ticket

Nothing tickles my fancy more than seeing The Committee To Struggle For Eternity (TCTSFE) rear their ugly heads. They’re so LOUD and so WRONG on a consistent basis. Reading has not been fundamental for them. If you want more from life, including a man that has more than penis and free-time, a cardinal sin has been committed. So to them, I dedicate this.

Picking a struggle partner does come with its benefits. A major complaint of successful couples is free time. BALLERS spend a considerable amount of time perfecting their crafts and expanding their businesses. They don’t have time to talk randomly through out the day or text every 15minutes . Struggle partners do the exact opposite. They spend a considerable amount of time doing basically nothing. While you go to work to pay for that mortgage, he has plenty of free time to text you pointlessly. He is probably at home on the video game using the same cell phone you pay for to contact the next chick as he sends you “just thinking about you beautiful” texts. Don’t worry, when you get home, he will have plenty of free time to give you the same penis (unwashed and all) he gave your best friend before he has to return to his beloved gaming system. Free Time is relative. BALLERS don’t have free time  because they are too busy trying to get to the next level. However, they do insist on spending quality time with their women because they understand that is essential to the health of their relationships.

If building was a facet of a relationship you were looking for, then pick a struggle partner. They give you the opportunity to build a man. You’ll get a very basic structure and the privilege of creating him into the man you (and your homegirls) want. Sounds enticing, right? You get to pay for his wardrobe, finance his whip and inadvertently pay for his extra curricular activities, including that weekend trip to Vegas with his “boys”. Don’t worry, once you set him up, you will win an all expense paid (which you’d paid into) trip to your feelings shortly there after. You wont get those “build-with” qualities you get in a BALLER. Your struggle partner doesn’t bring anything to the table, but penis and free time. which is  no proper means of payment and neither does your bank when the car note is due, but remember you are building a man and not building with one.

Cheating is another selling point. You don’t have to worry about the infidelity making it to a large platform such as Nigerian Women Diary . Worse case scenario is that his consistent brush with infidelity will make it to FaceBook . All of your mutual friends and family will know that your bum aint shhh, but it is A-OK. You did not want a BALLER because they cheat so your other option was a struggle partner. You later will realize that cheating is not tax bracket related , but rather functions as a characteristic of morality. It’s not bad though. The only people that know your business are the ones that count. He’ll beg you to stay when you threaten to leave. You’ll accept his apology and he will do it again. When you have finally had enough, you will catch ghost; but instead of getting alimony or spousal support, you will pay him for wasting your time. Sounds like a match made in heaven.
You better get you that struggle partner in 2016. When stability and being an equal isn’t your goal, penis should be.
If you can’t tell this is blatant sarcasm, I can’t help you.


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