NWD Relationship; Husbands- Every woman should have a husband like Bill Clinton

By Florence Ozor

Every woman should have a husband like Bill Clinton.
I do know about the sex scandal….Yes I do. I do not condone nor trivialise It……I do not stand in judgement of anyone, we are all genetically wired with flaws.

It was with his scandal that I got to know how grievous it can be to everything else. In my young mind, it only bothered on trust and betrayal until I saw and read the reaction of Americans to a cheating president. I thought to myself….what a world!
In Nigeria culturally till date it is not an “issue”. What a tragedy.

Confidence and intelligence has its place. Being self aware and ambitious has its place also.

Motivation from one you love can birth confidence amongst other things; likewise the wrong words from the one you love can erode confidence amongst other things.

A woman who is getting the right dose of praises, support and push from her husband glows and blossoms differently.

I watched Bill speak about his wife and you register the fact that he is still in awe of Hillary……same with Obama to Michelle.

The strength of a woman is the reflection of the strength of her husband. The weakness of a woman is a peep into the soul of the man who husbands’ her.

Only great men help women be Greater.

Though few, there are so many men holding the ladder of success for their women knowing her success is a mirror of his greatness.

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