NWD Opinion- Save Mayowa; What Really Matters

In no attempt to over flog the widely reported narratives surrounding the #Savemayowa financial solicitation, NIGERIAN WOMEN DIARY has decided to share opinion on this matter.

Aimakhu Toyin
Aimakhu Toyin

Toyin AIMAKHU, whom championed these on social media, has since come out to release her statement in a bid to ‘set the record straight’ on her active involvement seeking financial aid on behalf of Mayowa.

Linda Ikeji has correctly edited her post by injecting the adjective alleged scam as against ‘scam’ that she initially reported. (Some say her click baiting gimmick has paid off anyway)

Truth is at this point it will be difficult to honestly ascertain if this was by any means a scam. Motive will be the basis to draw conclusions. How do we really know the motive of the family members from inception?

At this point (since things are heading south) the family will definitely make attempts to fly her out and seek medical help in either the USA or UAE.

It is ridiculous to think the family never had intentions of helping their loved one. Really? If all you have is just a little hope, no matter how little, when you love someone, you bet on that hope.

Let’s all put aside all this needless ‘investigative’ allegations and make an effort to REALLY #SaveMayowa. Well-meaning Nigerian have responded (an impressive response given the time frame) we might as well follow through on this. Follow up on the medical trip. When she eventually recovers and stabilize, God willing, money expanded would be insignificant. Nigerian can then proudly say, we #SavedMayowa.

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