Mom Disciplines Daughter on Facebook Live For Being a “Thot” .

The latest video to go viral on Facebook started when 16-year old #NiaGreen posted a picture to her Facebook of her and her boyfriend wearing nothing but a towel.

Well, things didn’t go well when her mother, #ShanaviaMiller saw the post.
Shanavia Miller was very upset about the picture that she went live on Facebook and shared how she disciplined the 16-year old. The mother went from slapping to punching her daughter in the arms, legs, and face. You could hear the mom continuously saying, “You want to be a thot?” The mom also stated, “You’re only sixteen and you want to be a thot. Get your grades up in school before you think about opening up you legs and trying to stunt on f*cking Facebook.
After disciplining her daughter, the mother asked for everyone to share the video. The mother later shared on Facebook that she loves her daughter and that she isn’t going to allow her daughter to disrespect her or herself. Meanwhile, Nia took to her Facebook that now she’ll have to face her peers who are already using the video to embarrass the teen.
I am not sure why parents feel the need to post what you do in your home and how you intend to discipline your child. Was the daughter wrong? Absolutely.

Was the mother wrong? Absolutely. People need to understand that the pictures and videos that you post can either help you or hurt you. I hope the mother has learned her lesson, especially since she is now being investigated for child abuse.
What are your thoughts? Via #balleralert .

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