MERCY AIGBE Gentry- The Breath of Change In the Nigerian Movie Industry

“When a man is true to what he does, He becomes the best of that kind”- Withler Stort.

Without any doubt , Mercy Aigbe is one of the best actress the Nigerian Movie industry has ever produced . Having Started with no support and motivation, she rose up to become a mentor and model to many.


Mercy Aigbe Gentry


Mercy kicked off acting in soap operas before going into Yoruba movies. She featured in few Yoruba movies and when she started getting more scripts from Yoruba movie producers, she found her calling in the Yoruba movie industry.


Mercy Omoge Benin


Mercy’s big break into the industry was when she featured as the lead role in the then popular movie titled ARA. According to her, her fan base started increasing from there and she started getting featured in many more movies. Mercy became much more popular when she did her own award winning movie titled OSAS (Omoge Benin) in 2012.

Mercy Aigbe's look at the #amvca2016
Mercy Aigbe’s look at the #amvca2016


It is no more a news that her fashion lifestyle is one in which many ladies now take after. Her elegant and beautiful outfit at the 2016 AMVCA awards made everyone around talking and startled as she blew the mind of everyone away. It became the reference point for most fashion stylist as She was referred by most fashion analyst as the best dressed for that event .

The entrepreneur in her plus love  for fashion made her establish a clothing line “Magdivas Boutique” which is making an heavy wave in the fashion industry currently.

Mercy Aigbe & her kids

An Icon to behold and a mother of two, Mercy Aigbe has become what every young woman wants to associate with. A young woman recently said that it is almost impossible for you not to find a picture of Mercy Aigbe on any Young Woman’s Phone. Her social media page took an upturn as she recently hit her 1milliom instagram followers.

Mercy Aigbe & Wale Ojo

Currently , her filming with the A List actors in the movie industry is making Nigerians have their hope restored back in the Nigeian Movie Industry as the movies she recently featured in has become the talk of the town.. One of such was the movie she released recently “Happy Father’s Day” with co-actor Wale Ojo.


Mercy Aigbe is a woman who believes in values such as hardwork, diligence, consistency, integrity, creativity and excellence.

The Nigerian Woman Diary Celebrates Mercy Aigbe for her hardwork , diligence and her immense contribution to both the Nigerian Movie and Fashion Industry.

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