Her Life’s A Party! Folorunsho Alakija Plans 65th Birthday and 40th Wedding Anniversary

•Africa’s third richest woman plans grand ceremony to celebrate birthday and wedlock

Many a rich, privileged woman, stumble into wealth by marriage or inheritance. But it takes a brilliant, perceptive lady to create wealth from the scratch and mirror the depth of burgeoning wealth and enterprise to the world. However, when such woman possesses the dash and charisma to dictate and often set the pace in whatever economic and social circuit she inhabits, she runs the risk of affliction by societal thought that labels substance, affluence and sophistication, particularly when intense, as amoral.

Folorunsho Alakija is no doubt a rich, privileged woman. She is profound and perceptive too. But she does not suffer the affliction of such acerbic thought. Besides being the third richest woman in Africa and an economic giant in the oil industry among other sectors that she dominates, Folorunsho dictates and sets the pace in her social circuit; she’s got substance and classiness too and she is never amoral, in the estimation of her business associates, friends, family and even her major rivals.

Folorunsho symbolises the incontestable affirmation of charm and élan as acceptable traits in a virtuous woman and economic giant. The world renowned billionaire who was recently listed as the 87th most powerful woman in the world in 2015 by Forbes, Folorunsho is set to spare no expense in celebrating her 65th birthday and 40th wedding anniversary with her husband Modupe Alakija in a few weeks.

The Rose of Sharon Foundation boss and real estate mogul plans to hold a 3-in-1 celebration to also launch her inspirational book. The event, which is scheduled to kick off on July 15, will start off with a Thanksgiving Service at the Cathedral Church of Christ Marina, Lagos. Folorunsho will be holding her reception at the exotic ballroom of the Lagos Oriental Hotel, where top society businessmen and woman, and others will gather to celebrate her.

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