Donald Trump’s Wife, Melania Plagiarizes Michelle Obama 2008 DNC Speech

When an individual thinks of a potential #FLOTUS, he or she thinks of someone that is articulate, poised and empowering with great character. She is the most powerful woman in the free world. The potential first lady, by default should be well versed on various things including little concepts like #Google and how accessible technology has made information.

What happens when the potential FLOTUS doesn’t encompass the aforementioned? She gets caught up.

#MelaniaTrump told NBC that while on the plane, she had reviewed her speech only once. “And that’s all”, Melania stated. “Because I wrote it with as little help as possible”. Seems fairly believable.

If an individual authored something, he or she would be familiar enough with it to not need a large amount of time to review it. However, that isn’t the case. The speech Melania gave at the 2016 RNC is nearly verbatim. I’ll give it to her that she changed a few words, but undergraduate English has taught us that anytime you use someone’s ideas, thoughts, words or work you give the original materials author credit. Melania didn’t do that. Take a look.
The two speeches are full of similarities. From mentions of their childhood and family values, to their husbands future plans for the country, the two speeches are nearly identical.
So much for “little help.” Cc #balleralert
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