The Phobia For The Mother-in-law

Sitting at the cafeteria, I eave-dropped on theconversation between two ladies, one light skinned and chubby and the other dark-skinned beautiful and slim(really a beauty to behold).They prayed against having a mother-in-law,they both shared their various experience with mother-in-law (not personal because they are single; from their discussion). The light skinned girl said “I thank God my fiancé’s mother is dead, needn’t worry about the headache that comes with having one,” she said with joy boldly written on her face.While taking my leave, I walked up to their table and said “None of you will live to witness your son’s wedding”, they reacted angrily to my prayer, and even called me names, that was the moment they realized I heard their discussion, I decided to join themin the discussion.That is the irony of life – their reaction to my prayer really opened my eyes to a different aspect of people’s character and this further gave me a perfect understanding of the golden rule “do unto others as you want them to do unto you”. The problem I realize from this ladies discussion is not the mother-in-law behavior, but the jealousy of having to share their husbands attention with another woman. Although some mother-in-law can sometime be overprotective of their sons; and doesn’t want to be a realist that, that little boy of yesterday is now an adult.When a woman believes that a man is worthyenough to be called her husband, there must be a mindset that the first agent of socialization is the family; and the primary agent of socialization in the family is the mother(exempting death) and kudos should be giving to such woman for bringing him upto be such an amazing person.It is advisable for young women to work on themselves, in order to be a person that their mothers-in-law can relate with, rather than going to marriage with a dogmatic believe that mother-in-law are wicked keeping abreast of the fact that they will one day occupy the position.

source : the naked convos