Media Girl Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi Opens Up On Her Struggle With Acne

We all have something we are constantly battling with and they come in different forms & character , for Tv girl Gbemi Olateru, it’s severe acne! She shared a photo on social media showing the different stages of her skin transformation and talked about how she has dealt with it .



She wrote “Before you say something insensitive to anyone about the pimples on their face or give some unsolicited advice on how the person can get clear skin… this ! ****The 1st pic on the left was what my face looked like on both sides – January and February this year. I was very worried about it and I reluctantly took the advice of my dermatologist to take a blood test. What does blood have to do with acne ? The results showed I was over producing a particular hormone and the result was the massive pimples on my face. It had nothing to do with oil or groundnut or all the other mythical things people usually say cause acne.
I reluctantly did a face peel and had to take meds to adjust the hormone level (not accutane) .
The middle pic was March and the pic on the right is May/June. I currently don’t have a single bump on my face. I have scars and that’s fine with me . Scars over acne any day!! Everywhere I went (Bank, eatery , events etc) people (mostly strangers) would walk up to me to prescribe all sorts ! From urine to sperm to “facials” to special soaps and concoctions.
If you see someone with acne , please mind your business! Especially if you are not close to the person. It’s very frustrating to have conversations about your own face with total strangers every day. Shoutout to my dermatologist for convincing me to try because I had already given up ! He is tagged on the pic ! ™@gbemioo



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