I Don’t Live In Banky’s House And No We Never Dated! Singer Niyola Sets The Record Straight In New Interview

Niyola visited the Genevieve office recently and revealed her go to beauty products and how she keeps her skin glowing. She also revealed some other things… read on !

You are known for your glowing skin. Can you give us a breakdown of your beauty regimen?

I clean my face with witch hazel wipes daily , I bathe with a moisturizing body wash , exfoliate with tumeric at least once a week . I use a blend of oils as opposed to lotion because of the heat, and I wear cookie skin as sunscreen . At night I use a blend of sandalwood and cam wood as moisturizer .

Tell us about your new single/video ‘never gon stop.’ What was the inspiration behind it?

The song was a product of EX O and I working together , and it expresses the need to be myself in a space where I am constantly being told to stop being me and to be someone else that I can’t defend .
Any projects in the works you’d like your fans to know about?

My album will be released later in the year and I can’t wait for my fans to have it !

What are current challenges you are facing as a woman in general?

Being expected to see myself as incomplete because I am not married or remotely bothered that I am not and

being pressured to feel so .
Are you dating currently?

I am very single
Do you feel any pressure to settle down?

Apart from music, what else do you do?

All I can say is I am an entrepreneur

Rumour has it that you are living in Banky’s house. Are you guys dating? Did you ever date?

I don’t live in Banky’s house and no we never dated .
Which celebrity wardrobe would you like to raid?

The Serbian singer Karle Usustar

Niyola Artsy


If you weren’t a singer, what profession do you think you would be in?

I would still be in entertainment doing something as a creative . The options are a lot
You’ve been in the industry for a while but many would still describe you as underrated. How do you feel about this?

As I always say , success is relative . I know my fans love and appreciate my art . My music is not for everybody and so it’s ok if a select number appreciate it .
Date night or night in ?

It depends on who really , how I feel .. Level of comfort and all
Biggest moment of your career so far ?

I think I have experienced it but I may not be at liberty to speak about it just yet , but when I do you will recognize it because it is a milestone !
Which international artist would you like to record with ?

There are so many but I will only mention my current obsession which is Bryson Tiller

Thoughts on the baby mama trend among Nigerian artists ?

I didn’t know there was a trend so it’s hard to say how I feel about it
Who is your celeb crush ?

Justin Timberlake
Who will you invite to a dinner for six ?

My closest friends of course
If you could bring back anyone from the dead who would it be ?

My late sister

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