I Am A Proud Woman Whom Is Your Boyfriends Body Goals- Super Falcons Player, Chichi Sets The Record Straight About Her Sexuality


Even with my nipples right in their faces, they still ask “are you a boy or a girl” I can’t say I blame y’all, too blessed to be real but allow me break it down, I’m a proud WOMAN whom is your boyfriend’s body goal, dress better than your man and have bigger (invisible) balls than your man, pulling girls/boys morethan your biggest player so NO I don’t wanna be a man, I’am morethan a man aka extraordinary WOMAN!! Wait tho, what’s really there to be about a man? The only thing that makes most of you a “man” is only your dick that I have no need nor use for so umm nope I’ll take a pass ✌️ ™@chified

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