Girl Survives Brain Tumor, 20 Seizures In One Night And Having Her First Child In 30Weeks

She took to social media to share the pics below with the caption ..


From @nuluvvvWhen God says he has plans for you and ur work here on earth isn’t done… I’ve been through a lot but I could never look like what I’ve been through because that’s just the God in me… Bouncing back from a brain tumor, having 20 seizures in one night and having ur 1st child at 30 weeks in the midst of it all… But I’m raising a warrior… And I can not thank God enough for sparing both me and my sons lives… I thank each and everyone of u for ur prayers…☺️ oh and when ur bro-in-law @d1collins1978 is ur barber? and u still SLAY? I could never hide this scar because it reminds me everyday of my Gods work?? soooooo….. Just make a style out of ur scars and be different ? This is my testimony ?Heavenly.

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