20 years after Kudirat Abiola… Business Woman, Vissionary, and a Leader

20 years after Kudirat Abiola…

I woke up early this morning to hear the devastating news of the legendary Muhammad Ali’s death.He was unarguably the greatest boxer that ever lived,the authentic King of the ring.

I was expecting the social media updates(of many Nigerians) to be ‘on fire’ today with tributes to one of the bravest Nigerian women of this generation who openly challenged the stone-age dictatorship of late General Sani Abacha.

Where were you on that fateful Tuesday June 4,1996 when Alhaja Kudirat Olayinka Abiola was gunned down in cold blood by agents of darkness?The rest is now history.

Kudirat’s killers and their sponsors have murdered sleep and they shall surely sleep no more.

Rest in perfect peace Auntie Kudirat!


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